Introduction of internship student Renzheng Zhang

Tropical Seeds BV

My name is Renzheng Zhang. I come from Shanghai, China. I major in Agribusiness & Horticulture and it is my last year in Inholland University of Applied Sciences. In order to complete my graduation thesis, I am here to have my internship which can offer me some help.

It is my pleasure to have a chance to work in Tropical Seeds. The company has a very comfortable atmosphere for me to gain new knowledge and deepen my skills. Thanks to Mr. Anton’s patient and detailed explanation on the process of their business, I have a clearer vision of the seeds business now.

The aim of my graduation thesis is to find out how can Tropical Seeds develop and maintain customer relationship with seeds or green young plants growers in the Guangzhou area through social media. I hope that my knowledge in agriculture and business fields can offer the company the information they want to know in China, including the market situation and the social media usage. I expect to learn new knowledge and gain professional experiences during this internship as well.

Introduction of internship student Renzheng Zhang

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