Tropical Seeds BV at Flora Holland Trade Fair 2021

Tropical Seeds BV

Business is more than just the product. Business is the people, the connections and relationships. At Aardam we know that very well, which is why we packed our bags full and went off to the yearly Flora Holland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer. The enthusiasm was high, even more so because it was the first trade fair event since the well-known-to-everybody Covid 19 pandemic robbed us of social interaction.

Armed with a box of business cards, a couple packages of stroopwaffles, a truck full of plant material and a treasury of knowledge we were waiting to welcome you at our comfortable booth No. 7.3 from Wednesday, 3.11. to Friday, 5.11.2021. Among the happy faces at the booth were Arthur, Anton, Stef, Marloes and myself (Sandra).

And what a success it was! Not only did we get a chance to chat with many of our existing clients but we also welcomed many new customers from all corners of the world. To everybody who came by: We really appreciate your interest and are looking forward to working with all of you in the future.

To everybody else: Worry not! No matter if you wish to work with us, have a question about our products or even if you just wish to say hi, we are going to be there to welcome you again next year.

Tropical Seeds BV at Flora Holland Trade Fair 2021

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