Internship on logistics processes at Aardam

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I am Pramod Rajendra Kumar, an international horticulture and business management student at Has, den bosch. I am from India, and come from a family that has a horticulture background. Presently, my father runs a business in which fertilisers, substrates and other horticultural products are sold. During the pandemic we started producing indoor ornamental plants such as Alocasia’s, Calathea’s, Philodendron’s and Syngonium’s.

How did I end up at Aardam you ask? Well, at the great horti expo IPM 2023 which takes place in Essen, me and my father were looking at various plant stalls on display and then we stumbled upon Aardam’s stall. The dyspsis and chamaedorea young plants, along with some exotic seeds on display caught our eyes. So, we walked into the stall and had a good business talk. Towards the back-end of this conversation, I thought it would be nice to understand how these chamaedorea and dypsis young plants are being produced. (After a short Dutch conversation with Arthur where my basic Dutch speaking skills were put to the test on the spot, Arthur assured me that he would be happy to provide an opportunity to complete an internship at Aardam) So, I contacted Aardam and started a ten-week internship between mid- June and mid-August.

During this internship period I will be analysing all the logistics processes in Aardam and suggesting optimisations to these processes.

“If you want to understand processes you have to be a part of those processes” – Pramod, 2023 (I am probably re-quoting someone but I don’t remember who that is, so I don’t think anyone would mind this right?) So, I had a very enjoyable time doing every possible work related to these processes. I am not lying when I say that I learnt a lot. (Please don’t ask me what exactly I learned, I learned many things and that is the good thing here). So, from the incoming seeds quality control to the finished young plants, I saw all the logistics processes going on behind that.

As my favourite legend Zyzz believed in the saying of “Veni Vidi Vici”. I feel like that phrase resonated well with me during my internship at Aardam.

Also, a fun fact: I wrote this little description on the last day of my internship. Now I will take your leave dear reader and move on to the barbeque party taking place today at Aardam.


Internship on logistics processes at Aardam

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