Introducing our Sales trainee from India: Harsha Vardhan Rao Sindhe

Tropical Seeds BV

I am Harsha Vardhan Rao Sindhe, from India. After completing my two years of degree in College Of Agri-business management, Baramati (India). I am here (Holland) to purse my third and fourth years of bachelor’s in Van Hall Larestein University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands. And our university has a schedule of half year of education in school and rest half year to do an internship in any company related to our sector (Agri-business)

My desire to be a part of Tropical Seeds (Nursery Aardam plants) is motivated by the fact that is basically a seed company aiming for continuous progress. Having a concern for marketing and having interest to learn about company’s unique marketing approach; both makes me more interested in seeking an internship in Tropical Seeds.

I, am here to give some advices and help them about the Indian market and Psychology of Indian people and chances of their product in Indian market and as well am learning about the Marketing strategies and trading followed by the company. I also work in Nursery (In plant training) to gain practical knowledge.

Harsha Vardhan Rao Sindhe, Bachelors of Business Administration in Agriculture & International Agri-business and trade.


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